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For actions with a removeable recoil lug add the thickness of the recoil lug to the tenon and headspace length. For example: an Atlas flat bolt action with a 0.250” recoil lug would have a 0.557“ + 0.250” = 0.807” tenon length and a 0.692“ + 0.250” = 0.942” headspace length. U.s. manda activity by year
Extended state distance from recoil lug to bipod’s attachment point: 29.5” Contracted state distance from recoil lug to bipod’s attachment point: 14.5” Adjustable at any distance between contracted and extended states

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Another, possibly more relevant way of posing this question is "how noticeable is the difference in recoil when shooting blanks?"

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Short action PVD treated action body, shroud,bolt stop, recoil lug,bolt body–$1900.00 prices are for the Ti action with chrome moly bolt with deep spiral flutes, SS handle; SS bolt stop, dual pinned SS recoil lug and fluted aluminum shroud.

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The Badger Ordnance Recoil Lug Alignment Fixture places recoil lug properly when installing barrel. It is compatible with Badger Ordnance Recoil Lugs as well as standard Remington recoil lug...

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Recoil Lug Alignment Plug . Recoil Lug Alignment Plug is used with a Recoil Lug Alignment Tool for Remington 700.

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The bolt head was designed with extreme strength in mind. The bolt lugs are nearly twice as long as the Remington 700 bolt lugs and in fact, they are as long if not longer then most receivers designed for the huge 408 Chey Tac cartridge. Far over engineered for anything that can be chambered in the Raptor based rifle.

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Most BAT actions in the medium and small size ranges feature a grooved area in the bottom of the action that acts as a recoil lug. This lug is adequate for all calibers up to.308. If you would like to shoot a magnum caliber or something larger than.308, it is recommended that you add a recoil lug to your build.

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All actions come with a pinned recoil lug, and a 20MOA rail will be added to your order unless otherwise noted. Scope rails are $75 and are not interchangeable with Remington. Please mention in the details section if you do not want a scope rail. The Stiller site and action specs can be seen HERE. Please have your name and order # on the FFL ...

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Recoil Lug Question. Jump to Latest Follow. By standard or common I mean A lug milled on the receiver or a lug placed between the receiver and barrel.

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